Brief History

ABUKA & PARTNERS, Legal Practitioners began practicing under the name and style Abuka, Ajegbo, Ilogu & Nwaogu. It was founded on 28th March, 1979 by the four name-partners who have been in the legal profession since 1970 ,practicing individually and separately until that date.

Following a restructuring of the law firm we adopted the shorter and simpler name ABUKA & PARTNERS, Legal Practitioners.

Manager Profile: Patrick Abuka, Esq. (Managing Partner), Born February 17, 1942; Admitted 1974, Nigeria. Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Education: University of Ife, Lagos and the Nigerian Law School (LL.B. Hons., 1973; B.L., 1974; M.B.A., 1975; LL.M., 2000). Lecturer, MBA Class, University of Lagos, 1976-1978.


The firm has two full-fledged offices both in Lagos and Abuja respectively. The Lagos office was the earliest to be established. The Abuja office was set up in 1987, initially with a view to effectively providing the complex and sophisticated legal services required by a major multi-national corporate client, with businesses in over ninety countries around the globe.

As the seat of government has gradually moved from Lagos to Abuja, our Abuja office places the law firm in the best position to conduct dealings with Government on behalf of our clients in the federal capital territory.

In addition,the firm has won the respect and trust of the Nigerian government and foreign embassies in the country over the years and has a high reputation across the globe.

Service Delivery

We maintain the best standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity. We recognise that every client is unique and to that extent, our service to each client is personalized as if it were our only client.

Furthermore, we treat each client's business in strict confidence. As a result, we detail a "managing attorney" for every work performed for each client.

Similarly, we are responsive to our client's enquires and have a good understanding of the way the European and US companies like to do business. The firm has "up to date" records on Nigerian statues and case law in its secure database, which is updated regularly in accordance with the developments in Nigerian law bringing about awareness to our clients regarding newly approved laws.

Firm Divisions

The different branches of the law in which we practice are segregated into specialized divisions in the law firm. Furthermore, the heads of these divisions constantly update the knowledge base and experience of their divisions with first hand expertise derived from professional seminars, workshops and refresher courses attended by members of the firm both locally and internationally.

These facilitate computer aided research which also impacts positively, on professional and dynamic practice of the law. Likewise,we adopt a syndicated approach to the client's needs in every division. Syndication is the means whereby our specialists in different fields bring their skills together to bear upon each client's objective.

Syndication ensures that the solutions we offer to our clients are in-depth and comprehensive as it addresses every aspect of matters in hand.


We are members of both local and international professional business organisations which include:

The Nigerian Bar Association
The International Bar Association
The American Bar Association (international associates)
The Lagos Chamber of Commerce
The Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce
The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce
The Nigerian-German Business Association
The Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria


We have been recognised in the following publications below:

Parliamentary year book, 2009. (United Kingdom)
Martindale Hubbell International law directory, 2010. (U.S.A)
Nigeria at 50, 2010. (Nigeria)
The Nigerian International Investors Guide 2011, (NIPC) (Nigeria)
The commonwealth year book, 2012. (United Kingdom)

We are certain that there will be more publications in the nearest Future.